New Electric & Hybrid Cars for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Explore the Wide Range of New Electric and Hybrid Cars in Charlotte

Many drivers have seen the benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles, and we want you to see them too. The Hendrick Automotive Group has many dealerships in Charlotte that offer electric and hybrid cars and SUVs, making sure any driver can explore the advantages.

Top Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

Many drivers are still skeptical of buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, but we're here to instill confidence in your decision. Charlotte drivers that buy an electric or hybrid vehicle will benefit from:

  • Better efficiency: Most hybrid and electric vehicles can go further without stopping. Many businesses are adding charging stations to their parking lots, and you can find charging stations scattered across the country to ensure you maintain your charge.
  • Less Maintenance: Ordinary engines need oil changes at regular intervals, but electric vehicles don't use the same design, meaning you don't need oil changes.
  • Lower cost: Electric prices are generally lower than gasoline prices, making charging the battery more cost-effective than filling a gas tank.
  • Instant torque: Driving an electric vehicle feels different than driving a gas-only model because the battery immediately responds to pressing on the accelerator.

Visit one of our Charlotte dealerships to schedule a test drive in our electric or hybrid options!

Our Selection of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The Hendrick Automotive Group offers a wide range of the most popular electric vehicles near Charlotte. Our dealerships house Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Kia, Porsche, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche models to help you find one that matches your preferences and needs. Reach out to one of our dealerships to learn more about the benefits of shopping with the Hendrick Automotive Group!