1. Schools will compete during set dates.  Donations will be picked up within 2 weeks of the end of the challenge.   


2.  Schools are allowed to collect food and cash donations prior to these dates at official school events, however, the big push where individual students can bring in donations is encouraged during the assigned dates.   Each dollar raised will be assigned a weight of 8 pounds per dollar.  


3. A total of six grand prizes will be given.  Two for each division- Elementary, Middle and High School. One for the school with the highest average weight per student (total weight of the food collected divided by the number of students), one for the school with the highest total weight.  Both will receive a $1,250 check for their school, bragging rights and the official Drive Away Hunger Challenge trophy for the year.   


4. Food collected should have an expiration date of this year or later. 


5. All food collected must be individual or regular family size portions.  A 50 pound bag of rice, for example, would be collected and given to the food pantries, but its weight will be excluded from the contest.


6. Refer to your pantry of choice's wishlist for encouraged items to collect. 


7. Cash donations are very helpful to our pantries.   All cash donations will be included in the contest by assigning a weight of 8 pounds per dollar.  Any checks should be made out to your food pantry of choice with the name of the school in the notes section.


8. Once the results are known an email will go out to all principals.  All school principals may share these results with their staff and students at their discretion.  Results will also be shared with the local press, Darrell Waltrip's newsletter and social  and in the FSSD & WCS newsletters.