The Drive Away Hunger Challenge was started in 2012 by the Darrell Waltrip Automotive Group as a way to help fill local food pantries by partnering WCS High Schools with GraceWorks. Since then the challenge has grown to include Franklin Special School District & Williamson County Elementary and Middle Schools and has collected more than 894,200 pounds of food for local pantries including GraceWorks, The Well, One Generation Away, College Grove Food Pantry and The Nolensville Food Pantry.

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Hunger Challenge Wishlists

Need some direction on what to ask your families for? Download the wishlist for the your pantry of choice here:

The Drive Away Hunger Challenge lets each and every school participating collect for the pantry of their choice. We believe no one knows who is feeding the families in need within your community better than our schools. Here is some information about local food pantries we collect for as chosen by our local schools:

One Generation Away's Wishlist
One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers.

GraceWorks' Wishlist
GraceWorks Ministries provides assistance to our neighbors in difficult times. We provide a family with a grocery cart of food once a month. We provide Fuel Bags to food-insecure students each week. We provide Classroom Snacks to teachers for students that forget their snack or cannot afford to bring one.

College Grove Food Pantry
The College Grove Pantry serves on average 35 families (125-140 neighbors) 48 Saturdays of the year. It is a partnership pantry between about 15 churches and community service organizations and 85 or better volunteers. It serves primarily southeastern Williamson and northern Marshall counties. We offer what we call a "food box" weekly which contains the basic non-perishable food goods and have a "shopping" area in the pantry where neighbors visiting can select things from those shelves. The "shopping" area varies weekly based on what we find on sale. It includes rotating breakfast cereals, corn bread mix, laundry soap, and personal hygiene products as a few examples. All of this supplied at no charge to the guest and is meant to be a weekly supplement. It is not a week's worth of groceries for most families.

The Well's Wishlist
The Well began as a food pantry in a local church in 2006, with the goal of showing God's love by giving food to those in need. The Well Outreach serve people needing our services who live in Spring Hill, Thompson Station, College Grove, Santa Fe or northern Columbia.

The Nolensville Pantry's Wishlist
The Nolensville Food Pantry is a ministry of Providence Baptist Church. We are located at 1668 Sunset Road, Nolensville TN. Our pantry is in the PBC office. The Nolensville Food Pantry comes alongside families during difficult times to love on them. The pantry helps with immediate needs of food, household, and personal goods. We are here to encourage, support and love families the way God loves us, unconditionally.

Past Drive Away Hunger Challenge Winners

High School DAHC

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2019-2020: 148,224 lbs total

  • Ravenwood High School 50,356 pounds, 30.03 lbs per student
  • Nolensville High School 34,118 lbs total, 29.16 lbs per student

2018-2019: 136,367 lbs total

  • Ravenwood High School 40,881 lbs total, 26.22 lbs per student
  • Franklin High School 35,609 lbs total, 19.95 lbs per student

2017-2018: 87,189 lbs total

  • Ravenwood High School 31,351 lbs total
  • Renaissance High School 51.35 lbs per student

2016-2017: 46,215 lbs total

  • Fairveiw High School 11.01 lbs per student
  • Ravenwood High School 13,061 lbs total

2015-2016: 23,670 lbs total

  • Franklin High School 8,137 lbs
  • Fairview High School 6.20 lbs. per student

2014-2015: 24,833 lbs total

  • Franklin High School 8,403 lbs
  • Fairview High School 8.12 lbs per student

2013-2014: 19,565 lbs total

  • Middle College High School 5.90 lbs. per student
  • Franklin High School 5,579 lbs

2012-2013: 20,195 lbs total

  • Centennial High School 7,919 lbs
  • Middle College 5.59 lbs per student

Middle School DAHC

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2018-2019: 111,833 lbs total

  • Freedom Middle School 52.8 pounds per student, 31,020 pounds total
  • Woodland Middle School 37.26 pounds per student, 38,528 pounds total

2017-2018: 131,842 lbs total

  • Woodland Middle 86,063 lbs.
  • Freedom Intermediate 25,654 lbs

2016-2017: 51,735 lbs total

  • Freedom Intermediate School 16.57 lbs per student
  • Woodland Middle School 31,197 lbs

2015-2016: 37,977 lbs total

  • Freedom Intermediate School 18.08 lbs per student
  • Woodland Middle School 18,639 lbs.

2014-2015: 17,769 lbs total

  • Hillsboro Middle School 4.94 lbs per student
  • Woodland Middle School 4,950 lbs

Elementary School DAHC

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2018-2019: 13,200 lbs total

  • Scales Elementary 2,078 lbs.
  • Jordan Elementary 5,701 lbs.
  • Winstead Elementary 3,220 lbs.

2017-2018: 11,859 lbs total

  • Westwood Elementary 2,957 lbs.
  • Nolensville Elementary 3,868 lbs.
  • Liberty Elementary 2,775 lbs.

2016-2017: 31,922 lbs total

  • Fairview Elementary School 3,913 lbs
  • Westwood Elementary School 5,014 lbs
  • Moore Elementary School 3,891 lbs