Each year, Hendrick Automotive Group aides all of its dealerships and collision center nationwide to focus on sustainability and maximizing landfill diversion.

Being good stewards of the environment allows us to make a difference in each of our communities where dealerships and collision centers are located.

Last year, we recycled over 31,700,000 pounds of waste. So what makes up that number? 

Here's the breakdown:  

·         Recycled approximately 1,782,000 gallons of used motor oil

·         Over 934,000 pounds of oil filters recycled 

·         Recycled more than 345,900 used tires

·         Recycled over 5,910,000 pounds of cardboard and plastics recycled 

·         Recycled approximately 281,800 gallons of water

Be sure to watch the video above to learn about the impact this had on the environment.