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Audi and BMW have always enjoyed a level of friendly competition, but Audi of South Austin and BMW of South Austin always find ways to work together. In the Hendrick Automotive Group spirit of teamwork, the two dealerships both support a local Title I school, Del Valle High School.

BMW of South Austin and Audi of South Austin are involved with a variety of programs at the school, from hunger relief to teacher appreciation, but have had unique success in providing vehicles for different classes – a need that is often overlooked by those outside the automotive industry.

Del Valle High School has more than 3,100 students, and attendance has always been an issue administrators have struggled with. The dealerships and school worked together to find an innovative incentive for students – providing cars for the driver’s education classes for the first time.

Previously, students would have to pay a private organization to complete their driving hours. But now, thanks to the vehicles provided, the principal said that more than 300 students will be more inclined to stay on campus for the free driver’s education program.

The cars provided are used trade-ins that have been fully evaluated for safety. The stores also provide vehicles that may need repairs to Del Valle’s automotive technician classes to help educate the next generation of car enthusiasts.

Through this partnership, more students can learn about automotive career paths and get hands on experience, including referrals to the dealership for job interviews after high school graduation.

One such student, Ricardo Ramos, graduated in 2019 and is now working at BMW of South Austin. He has made such a positive impression on his teammates that the dealership is sponsoring him to participate in BMW of North America’s STEP Apprentice Program.

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Ramos is on track to graduate the program as a certified master technician.

By making investments in their community, these dealerships do more than help a local school. They impact the lives of individual students, and even gain new, qualified teammates along the way.