1984 Throwback Edition!


2022 No. 5 Hendrick Chevrolet Throwback Camaro ZL1


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All-Star Racing's No. 0 Pontiac driven by Tim Richmond in the Miller Time 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Although Tim Richmond did not officially sign with Hendrick Motorsports until 1986, he was involved from the very beginning. Rick Hendrick liked his determined style and passion for winning, and tapped Richmond to drive a few races in NASCAR's lower series as the team, then known as All-Star Racing, was starting out in 1984.

When Hendrick added a second car to the Winston Cup Series team, he knew Richmond was the perfect driver to ignore the naysayers and focus on driving, and winning, his way. Tim Richmond was always known for his super human control of the car and resulting agile driving style, a style Hendrick also sees in Kyle Larson.

After Larson won the Coca Cola 600 last year and helped Hendrick Motorsports secure their record-breaking 269th victory, Hendrick was asked if Larson's driving reminded him of anyone.

"Tim Richmond," Hendrick said. "He'll put a car in places that you don't think it'll go, and having fun and wanting to win, wanting to lead every lap. He just reminds me a lot of Tim."



NASCAR Cup Series Champion
Driver of the No. 5 Hendrick Chevrolet Throwback Camaro

"Throwback races are always fun, especially when you get to do something that doesn't just look cool, but has a lot of meaning behind it. There aren't a lot of All-Star Racing liveries that haven't been re-done already, so it's special. That scheme started it all, and everyone involved worked so hard to get us where we are now. It's definitely motivating!

Especially when you add in that Tim Richmond was the driver. He's a legend for leaving it all on the track, he would go full send on crazy moves and things that other drivers wouldn't even try. So I'm going to go out there and try to drive it like Tim would. "

The track known as Too Tough to Tame in Darlington, SC will prove the ultimate battleground to show off the drivers' similarities. The last time Kyle Larson was there for the 2021 playoffs race, he attempted the famous "video game move" to try and take the lead in the final moments. Instead, sparks flew as he went into the wall for a dramatic P2 "checkers or wreckers" finish.

Tune in to the official Throwback race of the NASCAR Cup Series Sunday, May 8 at 3:30 p.m. ET on FS1.


Owner of Hendrick Motorsports
CEO of Hendrick Automotive Group

"1984 was our first year starting out, and things were a little different back then. Tim didn't drive for us full time yet, and we didn't have any guarantees that we'd be able to run a full season - in any series. We were just trying to make it to the next race. Nobody would give us any money and everyone thought we were crazy. That's why I liked Tim. He didn't care what anybody thought. He had talent and gave it his all.

Looking back on those early days of business, All-Star Racing and building Hendrick Motorsports, it's incredible to see how far we've come. Some people still think we're crazy. But we've done a lot of winning since '84, so they're more likely to go along with it now.

Especially with Kyle, our gifted young drivers, and a lot of talented people on board - in both the organizations. I've never been more excited for the future and to keep pushing the limits. To see what we can accomplish when we bring our full talent and passion to everything we do - just like Tim."