Explore the Benefits of Electric and Hybrid Cars in Raleigh

Drivers looking for the most advanced vehicles and technology know to look towards electric and hybrid cars. With improved efficiency, honed performance, and innovative features, electric vehicles are showing the future of the auto industry. Reach out to a Hendrick Automotive Group dealership near Raleigh with any questions you have about electric and hybrid vehicles.

A New Driving Experience with Electric Power

Electric power in a vehicle - whether it's a hybrid or fully electric - provides an instant response to acceleration. Instant torque means your vehicle will have no lag between pressing on the pedal and launching forward to add a sense of excitement for your time in the driver's seat.

You won't need to stop at fuel pumps as often or at all, alleviating stress from daily driving. Many businesses have added a few charging spots to their parking lots, meaning you can charge your vehicle while working or shopping. You can also charge at home to start every day with a full battery, making your Raleigh commute easier.

Less Maintenance and Lower Costs

The most common service appointment for many drivers is an oil change, but electric cars don't need that. The electric motor runs the engine, which doesn't require the same components as a combustion engine. While you'll still need brake inspections and other services, some are specific to gas-only models.

Prices for electricity are more stable and are generally lower than the price of fuel, helping you save costs while still going on any adventure or road trip. Reach out to one of our Raleigh dealerships to better understand what an electric or hybrid vehicle can do!

Explore Our Electric and Hybrid Cars in Raleigh to find the Right One for You

Raleigh drivers can find Hendrick Automotive Group dealerships with popular models from BMW, Chevrolet, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Toyota. We'll work with you to explore each brand to find the perfect model for your lifestyle.

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