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BMW models provide a driving experience that drivers love, and our team wants to keep it that way. We'll work with you to service your BMW in Charlotte, providing the maintenance and repairs your vehicle will need throughout your time of ownership. Our experts can answer any questions and will ensure you know the services your BMW will need at regular intervals.

Neglecting BMW services can leave your vehicle running poorly or breaking down. Our Charlotte service center makes it easy to plan a service appointment during your busy week, ensuring you never need to compromise when it comes to caring for your BMW.

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Honda Service in Charlotte

Even the fine-tuned engineering of BMW models will need routine maintenance to continue to provide the high-end performance that drivers expect. Our service team wants to help you see which services you will need, why you need them, and how to tell when you need them so that you have the best idea of what your BMW will need.

Oil Changes

This is probably the most well-known service appointment for many vehicles. Some BMW models are designed to go 12,000 or 15,000 miles between oil changes under perfect conditions, but driving habits and environmental factors can require an oil change sooner than that. You can reach out to our team or check your owner's manual to learn more about oil change intervals.

Signs you need an oil change include a lit dashboard light, louder noises coming from your engine than usual, worsening fuel economy, and oil that is dark or thick when you check it.

Tire Rotations and Alignments

Tire rotations and alignments are recommended around the 5,000-mile mark, but it is best to check your owner's manual for information specific to your model. Rotating the tires will encourage even wear on the tires to maintain traction and last as long as possible. Neglecting your tires can be a safety hazard, which is why we encourage you to pay special attention to their condition.

Signs you should consider a tire rotation and alignment include noticeably uneven wearing of the treads, your vehicle vibrates when driving, or if one tire is losing air faster than the others.

Brake Inspections

A BMW brake inspection will look at all major parts of your brakes. Keeping your brakes in their best condition allows you to stop and slow down as needed, providing a safer and more dynamic drive in your BMW car or SUV.

You'll know to bring your vehicle in for brake work if the steering wheel is vibrating when you slow down, there's a screeching noise from your brakes, or if you can see that your pads are worn down.

Trusting Our Team for Your Honda Service Appointment

You can find the perfect service appointment by visiting our website. Our service scheduling tool allows you to see the appointments you can schedule in a calendar, making it easier than ever to find the most convenient time for your work. While the list above focuses on the routine you'll need, we offer many more services, including in-depth repairs to your transmission, engine, and more.

Feel free to call, email, or visit our dealership with any questions about BMW service and maintenance. Waiting to get these essential services can cause more damage to your vehicle, which is why we work with you to find an appointment at a time that poses little interruption to your life!